Whiting: Friday briefing is unuseful

Charlie Whiting

Main director of F1 would like to join together pilot briefing with team principal briefing. He thinks this might help to avoid unuseful waste of time.

This is the idea of Charlie Whiting, the main director of F1 World Championship: abolish from 2019 the pilot briefing. This is not going to cancel any communication between him and the pilots but it will integrated with the team principal briefing on Thursday.

Charlie Whiting and Daniel Ricciardo

It is Whiting himself to explain what is the reason:

“It is because there are two main. One is during Thursday, we give some general information to our team managers. We believe they will pass this information to their pilots. In fact, when we talk with their pilots, it is always clear this was never done. Hence, we have to repeat another time the exact same thing with a lost of time.

Here it comes a second reason. When we are doing a pilot briefing on Friday evening, after the first practice we could discuss about problem on the track. This was done on their personal experience and not on someone assumption. Today is not necessary anymore!

When a pilot is finding something wrong, he is going to tell me. Sometimes, they do by radio when they are still driving. It is a really effective way and it is working out. I think there is not a need to do much more.

Right now, this is just an idea. I do not think it is going to come into force next year. Unless, everybody is coming to say: we would like to do it…

I am not sure this is going to happen. Even so, it looks we are going to save a good amount of headaches or at least save a bit of time”

McLaren X2 concept car

Meanwhile, McLaren F1 team is looking to the future. The British team is working on a project to race in Indycar and using the new capitalism given by Michael Latifi (Father of Nicholas, third pilot of Force India) and Mumtalakat investment fund, to improve the McLaren X2. A visionary concept car, launched during 2015 with cover tyres and a windshield. There will be a possibility to monitor on real time the physical situation of the pilot. This is possible with this new biometric gloves recently introduced by FIA on the motorsport.

The McLaren concept car will create more aerodynamic load and increasing the downforce. There will be some active surfaces, wings capable to change shape or angle of attack but even some areas of the chassis will be capable to move. Some solar panels will capture the solar energy and use it together with any electrical energy and energy recovered by a power-unit. This energy will be stored in a set of batteries located along different places of the car.

A protective windshield is a more effective solution than a Halo. This is an idea created around 2015 with different options available.

The main director of this project said:

“We are following the Red Bull and its ideas. We know what we shall do to get a really fast car. I am a bit disappointed because we can get more power. We will try to improve it really soon this concept car”

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