Formula 1 Usa: Ricciardo and the hunger problems


Our Australian maintains optimism about its future, both for Renault and because he can eat more thanks to the new regulations

He is a Daniel Ricciardo who tries to disguise his Australian accent with an ostentated speech by “Southern states” (of course) and having fun in doing so, the one that showed up on the Austin track and the Thursday pilots ‘ conference. Of course, he does not hide that he likes the U.S. GP:

I love coming to run here and go see a football game was a great experience: it’s crazy to see how many people go to attend college games, and how much are Big stadiums. It’s always nice to make these new experiences

But apart from these “ramblings”, it is present to him as in this season 2018 he won two victories, but no other podium: Will it continue like this or not ?

I believe that here we will have a rather competitive car and it is rather strange not to have made other podiums besides those of victories. It has been a while since I have been there, so I am going to try to fill this lack. Last year I had a good car but I had to stop for a mechanical problem.

It is definitely a fun track where you come to turn because I always liked Austin but also the circuit is really very good. You can fight on the track and overcome, it is a rather peculiar track, I would say unique. For the race, I would be happy if it had to be wet, but even if it were dry I am convinced that it will be quite exciting

Looking instead at 2019 and then on his way to Renault, the French team seems to be a bit behind from the engine’s point of view. Concerned about this, or will the plans they have presented for next year be encouraging ?

Yes, it is encouraging to know, and I already knew when I signed up, that there is a lot of work ahead. I know that they are working hard and investing a lot of resources in improving the situation: they are expanding their departments to try to be stronger in 2019 and even later. Obviously it would be nice to see them improve every race already this year, but at this time I am not looking too much what they are doing, because so much next year there will be a new car and will start from scratch. So I do not care about that at the moment. Of course, once this season is over I will try to immerse myself totally in the new adventure, trying to help as much as possible to progress

Speaking instead of a distant future and seeing as we are in Usa, a little thought in Indianapolis ?

Yes and no, that thought is always inviting, but also gives me the creeps, I’m a little afraid. It would be nice to give it a try or at least a test, to see how things are, but so far it has always been nice to watch Fernando. One day I wonder… you never know, but at the moment I can not say that it is something that I see in my immediate future programs, and probably more I will become old and more scary

Returning to 2019 and in particular to the regulation that the drivers lighter than 80 kg will have to compensate for the difference with ballast, Daniel is very explicit and amused:

I think this will allow us to do more races in America: We can all enjoy more food , we can eat more. I definitely do not complain. Let’s say that most of us now make a little hunger during the race weekend. Also from the point of view of training, now we can not do too much to not develop muscle mass. This new rule will allow us to train more but also to eat more. Maybe we will also have F1 riders like Ricky Bobby

Our dear Australian was referring to the protagonist of the film Talladega Nights dedicated to Nascar style races