Kvyat about Ricciardo: I will give him a mirror

ricciardo hit kvyat

The Renault team appeared in great difficulty at Baku, a critical moment culminating with the rear-end collision of Daniel against his Toro Rosso colleague, who then nullified the chance of obtaining points. His team mate Hulkenberg, on the other hand, never entered the race. But Kvyat makes fun of the accident by making fun of his former teammate.

Disappoints Renault for the absence of performance, a weekend born badly and ended worse. Daniel Ricciardo is disappointed, he lacks lucidity as he struggles to find an unfinished and clean overtaking attempt. On the other hand, it happens that Baku makes mistakes in braking and, even worse, ends up on Kvyat’s Toro Rosso in reversing.

The race ended for both of them, with Daniil Kvyat suggesting calm and patience to Ricciardo:

I respect Daniel a lot, we were also teammates, I do not have any problems with him, but he must have a little more patience.

A few hundred meters later he would have had 2 kilometers of straight, that curve was very narrow and he could not make it, I had to follow him unfortunately.

I will give him a rear-view mirror for the next race.

Daniil Kvyat | Toro Rosso F1 pilot

No excuses, Ricciardo admits the mistake, which fits into a very disappointing start of this season by Renault. Swings performance, does not stand out among the second teams. Severe lack of reliability, with too many withdrawals due to problems with the power unit.

It has been a strange accident that forced me to retire, it was my mistake and I apologize to the team and to Daniil.

I was a bit hasty and did not think clearly for a few seconds, so I have to cash in the blow.

The team deserved more, we were running at a good pace and we had some pace with medium tires to continue, probably we could have gotten some points

Daniel Ricciardo | Renault F1 Team Pilot

The potential expressed by Ricciardo in the race is worth the “best face”; of the RS19, which says a lot about the difficulties suffered by Hulkenberg, to push to the bottom without ever finding performance in a car twisted in the set up during the weekend but short of improvements.

Abiteboul, team principal Renault, says this about his pilots:

Overall, the first stint of the season has been disappointing but if we know how to put everything in order, we are able to express a fair level of competitiveness, as shown on several occasions. We must see the start of the European season as an opportunity to reset

Abiteboul | F1 Renault team principal