Renault better on the long run


Public opinion is that the RS19 will face a tough fight to prove, again, to be the fourth best team. Ricciardo and Hulkenberg reveal their first impressions after four days of testing

They leave (metaphorically) from Barcelona with the best time ever, after the first test session, but in the Renault Formula 1 team, you can not breathe the air of absolute serenity of those who go to chase the best three teams. 

The pressure at the center group is announcing enormous, there is an Alfa Romeo that has impressed for constancy of laps and reliability, decidedly superior to the RS19, who suffered some too many troubles with the DRS and collected just 58 passages in the last day of rehearsals , between Hulkenberg – who faced a red Flag exhibited in the afternoon – and Ricciardo, in front of them there are 154 laps completed by Giovinazzi.

Others will come, so far remained in the shadows, as the case Racing Point, ready in Melbourne to deploy a single-seater very different from the one that the team is employing in Spain, to search for reliability and collect data. Haas is aiming for the game, Toro Rosso should not be underestimated. There is enough to keep working and show up in Australia with a single-seater able to emerge from the fight of this multiple voices.

The point on where it is, currently, Renault, it is done by Daniel Ricciardo:

On the dry ride we are coming, compared to the initial feeling it looks like we have a better car on the race simulation, on the dry ride we can still pull something off, while on the 10-15 laps series we used the tires well and the machine is constant. It was a particularly useful session for me, especially in the morning for the work done between the different settings and to verify the reactions of the machine

Ricciardo Barcelona test day 4

He leaves to a second phase the evaluations on the power unit, Renault which resulted with 328 km/h, the fastest single-seater on the forehand (+ 2 km/h on Ferrari and almost + 6 km/h on Mercedes) on Thursday:

Let’s say that, from the standpoint of power, we are still with conservation mappings, we will see how it will go when we are more aggressive, next week we will be closer to the configuration destined for the race.

Reliability looks good, we have to look for some more aerodynamic load but we don’t seem very far from where we should be

Ricciardo Barcelona test day 4

The seasonal goal, for Renault, will emerge in the head from the battle for fourth place and reduce the detachment from the first three teams. On the subject, he commented:

We know where Red Bull is faster, but we would like to know the reason. I honestly do not care about the delay from the first three.

First we have dealt with our program and optimized the single-seater.

In the middle of the group, the battle is very balanced and we are all close. We are not at all, the fourth team. We need to work and it is not going to be easy.

Ricciardo Barcelona test day 4

The fourth day of pre-season testing in Barcelona sees the Renault of Hulkenberg in front of everyone with the time of 1′ 17″ 393, the best of the entire week, preceding Albon of 0″ 244 and his teammate Ricciardo of 0″ 392 (but this time was obtained in the morning). The Mercedes has exploited for the first time the Pirelli “Red label” and Bottas manages to over advance Hamilton of 12 cents.

Leclerc follows on the 6th place in the list of fast laps, but only 69 thousandths off although it did not use the soft Pirelli. Enclosed, at just 1 second from Bottas we find then Norris, Giovinazzi, Grosjean, Magnussen and Gasly, with Antonio to lead the ranking of the journey with 154 laps, despite having caused the final red flag. A little more detached Stroll and especially Russell and Kubica, but at least today the Williams managed to travel 65 laps between the two period of test.

The winter test in Montmelò will resume with the second round of four days on February 26th, always followed by our direct chronicle about our “Ricci”