Renault has a good base

rs19 barcelona test

Second day of Test at Barcelona for Daniel Ricciardo. This is a first impression about the performance of RS19

A mishap shortened the program in the morning when the upper profile of the rear wing flew away in full straight, due to a problem at DRS. Daniel Ricciardo closes with 28 passages the second day at the control of the Renault RS19, which will continue the afternoon work with Nico Hulkenberg.

It is in the phase of taking contact and familiarity with the new single-seater, a start that it is logical to imagine is completely different from the Red Bull left at the end of last year. As is logical to happen, the comment turns off from clear clues about the competitiveness of RS19 and Daniel just says:

I have not found many differences, the first important thing is to be comfortable in the car, with the seat, the steering, all the functions and from this point of view, it is all right.

The performance of the car, up to now looks normal, the only surprise I had it was when the DRS broke. Before I made a long run of 15 laps and I felt good, the way the car uses the tires, it is fine. Of course, it is still early but there are no negative surprises.

Ricciardo Barcelona test 2019

Low profile and calibrated words, although the character remains always very expansive and talkative. The “There are no surprises” replica, in fact, it is a first indications of Hulkenberg too. Behold, Renault will need some nice surprises and some positive ones to be able to confirm itself at the summit of the Formula 1.

Deepening the moment of the track exit, when the rear wing has lost its upper flap, Daniel explains:

The DRS is a little bit different from last year, there is a higher gain (the result of a height of the opening between the main floor and wider flap; ed), perhaps more pressure is created with the new pieces and this can sometimes create a collapse.

I lost my car, I did not understand exactly what was happening and I turned around. I am glad I did not touch the barriers and lost even more time. At least the tests are made for this, learn, by small mistakes and do not commit huge ones

Ricciardo Barcelon test 2019

About Renault and possible improvements in the near future, Daniel says:

It was a positive debut, we have a good base to grow up. Others? I do not know, Ferrari has gone very well but about the other teams is very difficult to make comparisons.

I saw the laps that Ferrari has done with Seb; They have always been very strong in testing and constant during the season, they are not a surprise. At the level of performance and reliability are launching a strong signal and is probably the only team to have launched a strong signal

Ricciardo Barcelona test 2019

In the Red Bull Racing team, Christian Horner made public appreciations towards Honda. In Renault, however, what power unit has found Ricciardo, compared to the unit used in 2018 ?

Frankly, we have gone conservatively and we cannot know exactly what power we are going to be able to express. My feelings, I can say they are pretty good, I have no worries from that point of view

Ricciardo Barcelona test 2019

Hulkenberg: Reduced braking spaces, it is not easy to attack

Work divided in half, in the Renault team, in the first day of testing in Barcelona. And it was up to Nico Hulkenberg to discover the RS19, on the 65 laps put together in the 4 hours of rehearsals in the morning, with the seventh fastest time, in 1 ‘ 20 “980 and rubber C2.

First feelings on the impact of the new regulations in the behavior of the single-seater and, the feeling is not so different from the sensations recorded last year, tells the German rider:

I would say that, the feeling is similar to last year, it means that the guys in the aerodynamics have done a good job. It is soon to give precise judgments and make comparisons.

First impressions are OK, I would say it is all right at the moment. The machine shot this morning without any major problems, 65 rounds completed are a good start. It doesn’t seem to be a completely different beast, you feel more like a return home feeling. For me it has not changed so much, we have the same steering wheel and a similar driving position, for example, maybe I also did not expect a huge difference

Hulkenberg Barcelona test 2019

To read the progress that will have made Renault, in relation to opponents, we will have to wait until the unequivocal verdict of the first GP l, when everyone will be called to unravel their entire potential.

Hulkenber is cautious about the impact that the new aerodynamics will have on the possibility of running close to the single-seater that precedes, cornering, and the chances of races more interesting and with many overtaking:

If you look at the whole team, the track operations, the build quality of the car, we have improved a lot year after year, at the moment it is the best Renault I have seen. The new aerodynamic rules were difficult to predict in their impact on the steering wheel sensations, at the moment they are not so different.

This morning I felt that the braking zones are much smaller, it is not easy to put the nose in front of another car, but we will have to wait until the first race to see

Hulkenberg Barcelona test 2019