Ricciardo-Red Bull: desire for immediate farewell

Ricciardo Mexico Red bull box

Daniel Ricciardo does not deserve the 2018 that he lived. Infernal season in Red Bull and nothing is worth the two victories in China and Monaco.

Black series that lasts for too long now, eight withdrawals mainly caused by technical problems. Forced to live in a difficult climate from before even announcing the surprising decision to run for Renault in 2019.

A championship started under the best auspices but still aware that the team, Helmut Marko most of all, considered Max Verstappen the pilot to bet on. The reality, to Daniel, has manifested itself clear since Austin 2017, by the decision to prolong the contract of Max and to invest it completely of the gallons of main pilot to take to the world title.
Changing air, as he often repeated Daniel, was so a necessity. What was not budgetable, the series of retreats to the limit of the incredible, for the precision with which they hit the Red Bull number 3. Electrical problems, plumbers, the transmission, the power unit, have happened of all kinds to the Australian rider, who has exhausted words and maybe even the same feelings of anger.

The love for this machine is decreasing very quickly. It is no more frustration, rather it is a hopeless being. In all honesty, I do not see the reason to arrive on Sundays, I do not see the reason to run the next two races.

I am not a superstitious guy, but the car is cursed. Every single Sunday and I have no more explanations to give. This car, I am going to let you drive to Gasly, it is over for me.

In Mexico City he ruined the plans of Verstappen and Marko on Saturday, depriving Max of the record as the youngest rider to have won a pole position. And the words of the great chief do nothing but to outline even more marked contours to the picture of “Born in the house” that can be read in the relationship Ricciardo-Red Bull: I hope you enjoy this pole, because in Renault you will spend some time before making one. The synthesis of the words of Marko. This is not a surprise, we know Marko has proved to have a poor personality and human quality.


A relationship reached at the lowest point ever, even lower than the victory torn in Monaco, in 2016, from the error to the pit. And what will be the scenarios in Interlagos and Abu Dhabi is all to discover. The surprising determination of Daniel, who does not use any means and publicly launches the possibility of closing the season in advance. It would certainly not be a problem for Red Bull, image aside, do without and replace it with a Gasly.

I have no more words, I have no more words. Even departing, throughout the weekend the tests went well, then the mode of the Prestart did suck when needed. See you next year, the next two races do not want them

Said Daniel at the end of a weekend that could give a nice return on the podium and, instead, delivers the umpteenth problem and the withdrawal to 9 rounds from the deadline.