Ricciardo-Renault, a question of braking feeling


Ricciardo still lacks then necessary confidence during braking

The double withdrawal suffered in Bahrain highlighted the problems of the Renault power unit. This is conditioning the performance of this car.

A longer adaptation than expected, for Daniel Ricciardo in Renault. The mistake in Australia is all about driving, the serial failures connected to the power unit, are a problem of the team.  What are we talking about ?

Lacks reliability of this RS19 and, between electric troubles in qualifying in Bahrain, failure of the V6 engine on Hulkenberg’s machine and MGU-K on that of Ricciardo-not forgetting the problems of Sainz on MGU-H in Melbourne, there is enough to hatch a Negative picture around Renault.  This is the real meaning….

The pace of the car, as long as it has remained in the race, placed the team in the top ten positions. Too many technical problems, however, to be able to read the positive data and the performance of the car did not make anybody happy.

Abiteboul Renault Team Principal and Renault braking problems

Abiteboul gave this comment about the first two races:

Day after day, everything is becoming more frustrating and unacceptable, because both machines showed a good competitiveness both on the single lap and on the race pace but we are still missing something…

Abiteboul Renault F1 Team Principal

In the last 12 months, all the attention on the maximum reliability of the power unit, historically invoked as an indispensable basis before making performance gains, has failed. 

There is, then, the path of Daniel Ricciardo. Of discovery of a car that still does not give the confidence that the Australian rider would like, especially in detached and in the behavior on the kerbs and the disconnections of the asphalt. And If you do not find the necessary confidence, extracting the limit becomes a daunting task. 

Daniel+Ricciardo+renault car

Ricciardo engaged in the first day of testing in Bahrain, from which to go out with some more answers on the car, to translate the choices of trim that allow to regain confidence and aggression during the race, not by chance an exercise that, last Sunday, has Seen in trouble against Hulkenberg and Norris. 

Ricciardo talks about his feeling with the car and what he is looking to improve his driving skills with Renault:

The machine shows signs of speed, but I am still trying to find some improvement.

In The first stint I did not feel particularly competitive, but in relation to our direct opponents it seemed we were doing well.

There was a bit of speed, but I feel that there can be so much more.

Even as far as I am concerned, I have to find more confidence in the car. Going on Nico was obviously not in the plans, but in braking are not yet where I would like. It was not in the script, let’s say I am trying to find speed in some areas

Daniel Ricciardo Renault Driver