Ricciardo: Sorry to have missed the Q3


Our Australian closes the first qualification with Renault in twelfth place in his home GP

The first qualification of the year did not go well for Renault. The car of the French House have not exceeded the leg hold trap of Q2. Hulkenberg and Ricciardo are respectively on the eleventh and twelfth position.

…And if it had not been for the ninth place of the McLaren of Norris, there would have been no V6 French in the top 10. Starting the first challenge at the time trial of the year behind the Honda power unit, and so much, must be a morsel put into quotation by the Easton team, but still hard to swallow.

Perhaps, the most disappointed of all is our Ricciardo. The landlord, in the year of his transition to black-yellow from Red Bull, coveted a better debut, would have liked to at least play the cards in the top 10.

I am sorry that I was unable to qualify in Q3, especially because it was very close to me and I ca not get a reason. In the last run I lost some time in the last sector.

We had the potential to fit in Q3, but it is frustrating not to be able to make the perfect ride. As we expected, in the center group, we are all close, I am optimistic and I believe in a good result in the race. All the times I hope in a good result at home, but we have to conserve cold blood, start well and attack when necessary

Daniel Ricciardo Renault Pilot

Classification Australia Q3

1º L. Hamilton (B) Mercedes 1’20″486 18

2º V. Bottas (B) Mercedes 1’20″598 +00″112 19

3º S. Vettel (B) Ferrari 1’21″190 +00″704 16

4º M. Verstappen (B) Red Bull 1’21″320 +00″834 17

5º C. Leclerc (B) Ferrari 1’21″442 +00″956 17

6º R. Grosjean (B) Haas 1’21″826 +01″340 17

7º K. Magnussen (B) Haas 1’22″099 +01″613 18

8º L. Norris (B) McLaren 1’22″304 +01″818 21

9º K. Raikkonen (B) Alfa Romeo 1’22″314 +01″828 17

10º S. Perez (B) Racing Point 1’22″781 +02″295 15

11º Niko Hulkenberg (B) Renault 1’22″906 +01″665 8

12º Daniel Ricciardo (B) Renault 1’22″950 +01″709 10

13º A. Albon (B) Toro Rosso 1’22″993 +01″752 11

14º A. Giovinazzi (B) Alfa Romeo 1’23″185 +01″944 11

15ºKvyat(B) Toro Rosso 1’23″377 +02″136 12

16º L. Stroll (B) Racing Point 1’23″017 +01″000 6

17º P. Gasly (B) Red Bull 1’23″020 +01″003 6

18º C. Sainz (B) McLaren 1’23″084 +01″067 6

19º G. Russell (B) Williams 1’24″360 +02″343 9

20º R. Kubica (B) Williams 1’26″067 +04″050 7

Melbourne GP Qualifying