Ricciardo: this is the right place


Our Daniel is enthusiastic about this new adventure with Renault. With him there is also an echo of the optimism of Hülkenberg

Daniel Ricciardo even starts his interview in French (causing a great laugh), saying:

Bonjour à tous, je m’appeal  Daniel ( Hello everyone, my name is Daniel… Laugh of the public).

I know, to arrive at Renault was a great decision, for me, and yet I think this is the right place to continue to high level my adventure in F. 1.

Because I am talking about a team and an organization in which we grow continuously and after spending weeks here I realized how and how much you work.

And the fact that the gap with the best can be thinned more and more.

Now, do not ask me how much and exactly to what extent, because I prefer the facts to slogans.

But here at Renault make me play a great role and I feel excited because I feel in the air that I will have a great opportunity. And I add that I am here to repay Renault for what it has shown and proves to believe in me, alongside an experienced driver such as Nico

ricciardo – Enstone (U.K.)

It is the fourth to reveal its livery after Haas, Toro Rosso and Williams, and the fourth force of the world is just the status it claims to have right away. With the aim of achieving something more,” said President Jerome Stoll. The ambitious challenge of Renault to the Formula 1 World Championship is taken from Enstone’s English office.


The French team has presented to the world the RS19 with which it aims to give an important acceleration to its commitment in the maximum series of the motoring. Three years ago the former President Carlos Ghosn, currently under arrest in Japan for the notes tax charges to his charge, had traced a precise road, return in Formula 1 with team owner and search for victory in three seasons.z

The symbol of this desire for grandeur is surely Daniel Ricciardo, the pilot who is dreaming to be able to constant attack on the positions that matter. The Australian, hired by Red Bull, arrives in charge of an important challenge and delighted to have become an “official” pilot.

At 29 years, with 7 victories to his credit, it is more than ever in the full of physical and technical maturity. If assisted by the machine, it could be a very hard bone for so many rivals. Beginning with the same Red Bull, which will no longer have the engines Renault and could pay (Think about McLaren) a salty account in the transition to the Honda power unit.

When I saw this place and met the people working around here, I knew this was the right challenge for me.

The aim is to repay their trust and to fight to get closer to the best sooner than later.

What they have done at Oxfordshire is one of the last old-fashioned presentations, with guests who can see the single-seater and almost touch it. No render, web and Final Fantasy show.

But then there is a surprise. The problem is that the RS19 is present only as an idea, because this is only the old RS18 with new coloring plus the aerodynamic regulatory changes, but the new car will only be seen in the tests in Barcelona, in final guise.

But many people have been talked about the RS19 and many have been the news explained and announced.

Which ones ?

Refinement, fine tuning, optimization of the aerodynamic path with the adaptation to the new regulations. Then going even further, with a slightly more sinuous front and a rear part that extremes the taper and the miniaturization. But there are special, small steps… Possibly forward and not backwards.

Even so, the goals are ambitious: to make the gap shorter with the top teams. Also because the same president of Renault Sport Jérôme Stoll clearly defined the RS19 as a “possible podium contender”

So, after getting a fourth place in the world and the fifth stage places as best results, the aim now is to get closer to the champagne area, possibly drinking not just an occasional sip.

The same managing director Cyril Abiteboul said that it is certain to have a new chassis “potentially able to ensure a performance close to the top and a power unit much grown and evolved compared to that of last year”