Ricciardo: Wrong who only looks at my last numbers


New Renault F1 pilot claims that judging his 2018 only by comparison with Verstappen is a distorted reading of reality.

It was one of his worst seasons, especially compared to the great results obtained by its team mate Max Verstappen, who closed the world championship with 79 points and did better than him in qualifying for 15 times. Our Daniel Ricciardo, however, argues that those who say it has been outclassed are interpreting the data in a distorted manner:

I do not want to take away merit to Max, because he played a fantastic season but I am satisfied with my vintage. But I think only look at the points made and the results in qualifying does not show the complete picture

Ricciardo, therefore, underlines how often technical problems have been to restrain him:

In the days when Max did better than me I took off my hat in front of him but there were many times when I had problems or where things were not really on my side. Long story short, I am satisfied with how it went last year, much more than the statistics say

The team has formalized via Twitter the date of presentation. It will be an opportunity to see Ricciardo with the new suit. The date is the 12th of February the new livery

The Renault will show its livery with a ceremony to be held in the headquarters in Great Britain. In addition to the car, it will be the first time to see Daniel Ricciardo with his new team.

Renault is the third F1 team announcing the presentation date. The first team to come out in the Open was Ferrari, which will reveal its single-seater on February 15th. Immediately after the red, however, came forward the Racing Point, which will hold its event on February 13.

How was the relationship with Max Verstappen and Ricciardo ?

Max Verstappen red bull pilot

The relationship between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo as team mates ended with reciprocal smiles and compliments. Max gives an insight about their relationship and what is left of their time together driving for Red Bull Racing team:

We will continue to be friends in fact maybe even more, since we will not be in direct competition. Of course unless we fight to stand on the same piece of asphalt, which from next year will be in Renault. I honestly think that over the years our relationship has been better than I expected as a matter of personality: he thinks he is the best in the world, so I think of myself. This could have made us collide, instead we have always managed to manage the relationship, say in 99% of cases. It was good to wrestle with him, sometimes hard, but I enjoyed it. I think we both grew up as pilots for being close to one another, did well at both

Max concluded by talking about his next mate in Red Bull :

Daniel was a person always positive and smiling, reciprocating the compliments when he was around there and it was always a nice atmosphere. Better to have a team mate like that, instead of someone who is always mumpy and does not even speak to you. A good atmosphere in the team is important, so I hope that the Pierre Gasly will recreate these sensations.